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CELL-RACR from Tim Clark on Vimeo.

CELL-RACR project site

Everyone wants the fastest phone. The one that allows them to access more without waiting for the phone to catch up. Handset companies and carriers endlessly one-up each other claiming that they indeed have the fastest phone. But they never tell you how fast the physical phone actually is.

CELL-RACR¬†is a game where players can race their phones down a track to see once and for all who has the fastest phone. The rules are simple. Put your phone’s ringer on vibrate and place up to three phones behind the starting line. Press the yellow button to start the race timer and working in teams of two have your friend continuously call the phone until it reaches the finish line. When the phone reaches the end push the button under the track to display that phone’s time. It is a game that measures speed by the external design and the strength of the vibration inside not by how zippy the phone’s processor is or it’s data connection.

Exhibited at: Woodstock Digital Media Festival

Featured on: VPR

Project site.