ASV Arsenal
Good Vibrations, 2010 – 2011
ASV Arsenal

LUST was asked to participate in an art project for ASV Arsenal in Amsterdam. About 10 artists were asked to develop ideas for art interventions. LUST developed various ideas, varying from digital to analog.

In the end the project turned to the most ultimate and simple solution, a football loaded with technology, able to register everything the ball did. When the footballers were playing, a soundscape is created, reacting to every tiny movement the ball makes. Also all information is stored, so after the match, data visualisations can be made that deal with all movements of the last 90 minutes.

According to FIFA, the history of games revolving around the kicking of a ball go back to the third centuries BC in China. At the turn of the 21st century football is played by over 250 million players in over 200 countries making it the world’s most popular sport. While most players are just having fun, sometimes football seems to be to much about money, winning and rivalry. LUSTlab’s goal to connect the physical world to the digital lead to the development of an interactive football, which on one hand encourages playfulness and on the other hand provides new insights in ball movements.

Things like the speed of a ball go when you kick it, how does it rotate and accelerate, can a player keepy uppy 50 times in a row; these are all parameters you can measure when placing sensors inside of the ball. These sensors react to movement. Each kick, turn, bounce is registered and transmitted wirelessly to a computer or smart phone.


All this measured information can be used to generate visualisations which can be shown in real-time on screen. These visualisations can also be used for analysis and later to archive all the played games.

To demonstrate the possibilities of this technology LUSTlab developed an interactive football for the art project ‘Terreinwinst’ for the Amsterdam football club ASV Arsenal. The movements made with the football are linked to sounds that enhance the original atmosphere. For the art project, these sounds were sourced from well known movie soundtracks. The samples were played through quadrophonic speakers arranged on each corner of the field. Because of the rapid way the game is played, every kick and bounce turns the game into a unique soundscape and playing becomes a whole new experience.