On a green median strip that separates the Osram company headquarters from the Mittlerer Ring, one of the busiest roads in Munich, there are seven LED steles, each of them seven metres high. In the time period from November 2007 to April 2008, ART+COM created the first interactive recording on the “Seven Screens“.

The concept is based on the conversion of kinetic energy to light. The “Seven Screens” react to the traffic. They “reflect” the incessant flow of passing cars and visualise the energy emitted by the vehicles. Each vehicle is registered by a camera-tracking system and triggers a light wave on the steles. The waves follow the vehicles in real-time from the beginning to the end of the installation: a total length of more than 70 metres. The flow of light is thereby understood as a metaphor for vitality and a manifestation of activity.

The steles also take on the function of a “collective memory“. The traces of light total up analogous to the continuously growing number of passing cars over the course of a day: by evening, the gentle morning waves have turned into a storm of light.

Project by Art+Com based in Germany. http://www.artcom.de/en/projects/project/detail/reactive-sparks/