How I’m spending my Saturday!

June 18th Woodstock, VT

The 2011 Woodstock Digital Media Festival will explore and showcase some of the most important and accessible work taking place in digital media today. ART + MEDIA + TECHNOLOGY These three elements will form the foundation of the festival program. Like a stool built on three legs, the WDMF will be built on its three strands and foster the interaction of people and ideas from these different areas of work. In order to focus this interaction of professionals and bring coherence to the public exhibition of work, the 2011 festival will be organized around a topical theme: “OUT OF PLACE” Location draws us together and separates us. It forms the basis for common interests and concerns whether the place we gather be geographical or virtual. Even those traditional barriers are increasingly blurred – mobile computing allows us to enter virtual worlds wherever we are, and augmented reality brings the physical into virtual realms. Many places have barriers to entry, turning some of us into trespassers, while others prevent exit, making us strangers in our own land, or worse – prisoners. Out of place comes who we are, even as so many of us are out of place.