Watson’s Jeopardy performance on Monday had me asking one question?

Is this computer just a pawn, an actor?

When the game started it jumped out into a massive lead but after the actual commercial break, not the 30 min IBM one that was the show, it seemed to stumble on questions.

The engineers must have downgraded its intelligence to make for a better game.

Which leads into a much larger discussion about the future of human interactions with computers. Whether if they should be allowed to showcase their hardcoded skills or should be adjusted at the needs of humans?

It may have been coded to ease off on its intelligence because of the lead. If that is the case it is more human than anyone thought. People do that all the time. In sports if your team is running away with the game you ease off or put in the backups for example.

IBM is already placing measures to prevent computers from taking over control of humans.