Disappointment. CES, another year, another stab at Apple’s market share, more companies that are introducing things that people can’t afford and won’t make it to the market.

The year of the tablet. Yea ok that is what they said last year. There are like 3 tablets on the market and people are only buying one of them. This will be the year where hardware companies slap the Android OS all over their products and call it a tablet. Android tablets are going to become what windows laptops have. Confusing to buy, glitchy, and all kind of the same. It will just make customers want the iPad more and if Apple comes out with a smaller model they will totally own the market. I own an Android phone and used the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Virtually the same experience. So similar it would say there is no need for me to own both. Why the iPad works is because it is a different feel than an iPhone or iPod touch. It doesn’t quite feel like a “big iPhone” like an Android tablet does of its little buddies.
Developers, modify the Android OS more don’t just throw on the same one thats on phones. It is the only way you’ll win this one.

There will be more 3D TVs. Sadly. People arn’t hooked and the have no need to be. Watching them is exhausting and it doesn’t feel like “real life” its more like looking at a pop up book. Everything is still flat the foreground and background are just now on different layers. I suggest to forget 3D (again) and we’ll try it again in 20 years.

The future of computing is in portable electronic “sticks” that are turned on and projected/opened up into a workable computing space. Think of the devices that activate cars and planes in the movie Tron. This is real portable computing and it is possible with inventions such as the Kinect to track movements and gestures. Not something with 9 inches of breakable glass that all I want to do with it is to see how many times I can skip it on water like a rock.

I will post successes and failures from CES as I see them.