The alarm app for the iPhone fails to go off at the correct time. It has happened twice now, day lights saving time and the new year.

This reoccurring problem with the iPhone’s alarm is unacceptable. Apple the company, the brand that has developed a mind-blowing product such as a multitouch screen phone that can make video calls (from a boat none the less) cant get a grasp on this thing. You want to know the reason why it isn’t fixed yet.

Apple simply doesn’t care.

I find it hard to believe that one guy won’t sit down for a few hours and fix the glitch. Can’t see it taking any longer. Apple hasn’t fixed it for 2 reasons.

1) It hasn’t gotten enough bad press. It has gotten press. I even saw a warning on the local news before day lights savings time about it. But for some reason it hasn’t attracted too much outrage. If it did it would be fixed in a few days. Apple hasn’t even fixed the antenna issue and they won’t and I knew they wouldn’t they will just wait until the next generation phone to do so and call it a feature.

2) It just isn’t a big enough problem to be fixed through an update. Mac OS and iOS updates are few and far between and Apple waits to kill as many birds with one stone with them so they are putting it off until iOS 5 or something. You can’t just go around throwing more periods on updates now can you. This problem would probably be like update Those larger places are prime real estate you know and you can’t just give one to any old lil problem.